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The Wealth Standard Podcast - Challenging the Economics, Finance, and Wealth Building Status Quo

May 3, 2017

Patrick welcomes his old friend & Rich Dad Advisor, Andy Tanner back to The Wealth Standard Podcast!

Andy says "It's a fantastic time in our history to be and investor & entrepreneur"; that said, it's an even better time to be a student.  As a Rich Dad Advisor, he says he's much more of a student than a teacher.  In fact, he (along with his fellow advisors) spend the bulk of their time when they're together studying rather than teaching.

It's this level of study that led Andy to the book "The Road To Ruin" by former C.I.A. Agent Jim Rickards.  Patrick & Andy discuss the powerful message in this book.  Rickards says the signs of a global, financial meltdown are unmistakable. He shows through meticulous research that governments have no compunction about conspiring against their citizens.

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