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The Wealth Standard Podcast - Challenging the Economics, Finance, and Wealth Building Status Quo

Dec 6, 2017

Today I am joined by John Larson, Managing Director of American Real Estate Investments (AREIUSA). John answers some simple questions about why investing in single-family homes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market is a solid investment, which parameters his organization uses to find worthy properties and what goes on behind the scenes when prepping a property for investors. And, he shares the nitty-gritty details of Dallas/Ft. Worth area including demographics, average home price and what keeps the local economy churning.


Key Takeaways:


[2:53] Why invest in a single-family residence?

[7:39] Why invest in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market?

[10:36] What is involved in buying and prepping the properties?

[15:13] What demographic is a single-family home rental attracting?

[20:38] Growth, demand, and competition are driving up prices in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market.

[26:24] How investors can get additional details.


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