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The Wealth Standard Podcast - Challenging the Economics, Finance, and Wealth Building Status Quo

Jan 27, 2015


Paradigm Life CEO, and radio host, Patrick Donohoe is joined by Agent Brad Gibb in a discussion about privacy. Everyone knows that in this era, once you have put your information out in the digital world - it's out. How can you maintain your privacy with all of the current technology? What are the ways in which someone...

Jan 20, 2015


Patrick Donohoe is joined by Paradigm Life’s Sean Fleming and Brad Gibb to discuss the new book, “The New Money Masters” by Tony Robbins.  Money is a very heavy topic to so many people.  It is a topic that is emotionally charged.  Those that have been introduced to Anthony Robbins, know that he possesses the...

Jan 9, 2015


In this podcast, Paradigm Life’s Brad Gibb and Ryan Lee discuss goal setting and how to effectively begin a new year.  They share a few of their best-practices that have made them successful in establishing and accomplishing their goals.

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