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The Wealth Standard Podcast - Challenging the Economics, Finance, and Wealth Building Status Quo

May 10, 2017

To get you ready for the upcoming Cash Flow Wealth Summit (which takes place on June 22nd & 23rd), the Wealth Standard Podcast is pleased to welcome our old friend Jason Hartman back to the show.

Jason will be presenting at this years Cash Flow Wealth Summit & we thought we'd share his presentation from 2016!  It's a...

May 3, 2017

Patrick welcomes his old friend & Rich Dad Advisor, Andy Tanner back to The Wealth Standard Podcast!

Andy says "It's a fantastic time in our history to be and investor & entrepreneur"; that said, it's an even better time to be a student.  As a Rich Dad Advisor, he says he's much more of a student than a teacher.  In...